Jan 2013

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I can't open twitter, ugh. ANYWAYS, before I forget, have you heard about the originals spin off? I mean, it's a thing. It's A REAL THING. Is Klaus going to be in it, I think so? I'm super confused and full of mixed feels. I doubt Nina will want to keep doing tv for the rest of her life so Katherine must be a no, no. But then Hayley is going to be in it? The fuck does werewolf lady has to do with the originals. KLAUS, tho. MORE KLAUS.

OMG I DID NOT HEAR AbOUT THIS?! What if Nina plays Tatia Petrova? Like in flashes backs to the ~very beginning~. That I want to see. I don’t see how an originals spin off can really be successful like tvd is. Unless they go back to the beginning and tell the story of how it all started. We know bits and pieces but not all of it. I’d be down to watch the Klaus, Tatia and Elijah love triangle. But you say the werewolf girl is in it? Fuuuuuuuuck that. But yes, more Klaus. More Klaus, THE BETTER! 


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